Entry & Stay

Citizens of Seychelles do not need visa to enter Slovakia. In order to be entitled to enter and to stay on the territory of the Slovak Republic it is however necessary that you have the following:

  • passport valid for the proposed duration of your stay,
  • proof of a medical insurance policy that covers all costs for hospitalization and medical treatment in Slovakia,
  • evidence showing you have sufficient funds to stay in Slovakia, generally in the amount of $50 per person per day (border police have the right to request it).

It is possible to visit Slovakia for up to 90 days for tourism or business without a visa. Slovakia is part of the Schengen zone along with 23 other European countries. The maximum stay for tourism or business in the Schengen zone is 90 days.

If you plan to stay in Slovakia for a longer period of time, you should register with the police within 3 days of arrival. You’ll need your passport, 2 photographs and proof of accommodation.

All information you need in case you are interested in studying in Slovakia is available here: https://www.saia.sk/en.

If you are interested in working or doing business in Slovakia, all relevant information is available here: https://www.mic.iom.sk/en/.

Consulate of the Republic of Seychelles in Slovakia

with the competencies for Slovakia

Wanda Adamík Hrycová
Honorary Consul

Beblavého 4
811 01 Bratislava


+421  904 700  006

Office hours by telephone arrangement

Embassy of the Republic of Seychelles in Brussels

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